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Vanish Soap Bar

Vanish Soap Bar

Vanish Pre Wash Stain Remover Bar Soap For Fabrics | Detergent Soap

Vanish Soap Bar Features

  • Stain remover and detergent bar for clothes
  • Pre-wash bar removes stains from fabrics
  • Deeply cleanses tough grimes
  • Emergency stain remover

Vanish - Pre-Wash Stain Remover Bar Soap For Your Clothes

The Vanish pre-wash stain remover liquid and bar soap is a premium liquid and bar soap that is used for stain removal and as a detergent bar for clothes. The Vanish soap is a versatile and effective soap that helps in keeping your clothes and other fabrics, look clean and smell fresh.This soap is specially formulated with ingredients to remove dirt that other laundry detergents leave behind. Its formula is so powerful that the soap penetrates deep into the fibres to break down the toughest of stains, even grim and grease.

 The Vanish pre-wash stain remover can be used as an emergency stain remover and works as a saviour for other laundry detergents. The bar is long-lasting and handy, it is quick and convenient to apply and is effective on both white and coloured garments, making your clothes stain-free and clean every single time. Not only does it help in banishing fresh chocolate and coffee marks, but it also helps with the dissipation of deep down dried grass, mud and bloodstains that are very difficult to remove.

 Vanish stain remover is quite simple to use and works for pre-treating garments as well as emergency spot removal. To pre-treat, wet the affected area with cold water, rub the soap onto the stain and wash it with your other normal laundry. For immediate and emergency results, just rinse the affected area well after treating it with the soap and remove the excess water with a clean towel. To achieve the best results, apply the product as soon as possible to help prevent stains from setting. The Vanish pre-wash stain removal is made only for clothes whereas the True remedy liquid soaps is a body wash and Olivia Care liquid soap is a hand wash. This soap should not be used on wool, silk or leather and should only be applied with cold water. Also, do not rub the clothes too hard after application, as it may lead to removing some colour of the fabrics. Some of the toughest stains like grease may require repeated treatment. Some stains like rust, dried paint or permanent ink may be impossible to remove. But be rest assured, this vanish soap is the perfect remedy to your clothing problems.

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