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UFB Direct

UFB Direct - Online Internet Banking For High-Yield Savings Account

UFB Direct Features

  • UFB mobile banking and direct deposit services
  • Get credit cards, refinance, and home equity loans
  • Check transaction history and account balance
  • Remote deposit through scanner, computer devices

UFB Direct - Online Banking with High Interest Rates

UFB Direct is another powerful online banking platform that is the current top tier of interest APY, and it goes to anyone, who maintains minimum balance requirements to get started. It offers free debit cards with no maintenance fees and services fees, and you can access online accounts from anywhere by using a simple mobile application. If you can afford the minimum balance, this could be an excellent choice for you, as this platform is featured with powerful finance tools to manage the account transactions.  

Moreover, through this online banking platform, you are able to generate the daily compound interest into the account on regular deposits and provides easy access to Account history to check against the account details.  

UFB Direct has an intuitive mobile application that works on both android and Ios devices and offers the latest features and functionalities to make the mobile check deposits anywhere by using the cellular internet connection, snap the front and back of your check and follow the prompts. Opening an account in UFB Direct is simple and easy since the bank is specialized in streamlining the online banking processes through digital platform services and requires the minimum documents to create or open a bank account. Unlike some financial institutions of Bank5 Connect and TIAA Bank, UFB does a credit check before you get approved for your account.

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