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TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear - All In One VPN For Secure Browsing | TunnelBear App

TunnelBear VPN Features

  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • First In segment Independent auditing on privacy
  • Browse chrome with IP tracker blocking
  • Bypass Censorship and geo-restriction sites
  • Independent security audits
  • Optimize to surf and stream faster
  • Block advertisement tracking
  • Provide online privacy
  • Access virtual location
  • Secure public Wi-Fi to protect online privacy
  • Avoid IP-based monitoring across websites
  • Buffer-free downloading for quick streaming
  • Advanced auditing techniques to give better connection
  • Compatible with iphone, ipad, android, mac
  • User-friendly VPN apps for smartphones
  • Secure connection for 5 devices simultaneously
  • Ultra-fast servers for watching high-quality videos
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface VPN provider
  • Provides secure and third-party audits
  • Lightweight encrypted proxy to control browser support
  • iOS, Android, Chrome and Firefox compatible devices

Product Review - TunnelBear

While surfing the internet, you may experience the websites getting blocked. It can be due to the limited access within the geographical area.  One of the best ways to access the blocked content is through TunnelBear VPN which is also one of the top VPN services.  

There are more than 20 servers of TunnelBear VPN around the globe. Therefore, the user can easily access the region-locked content without leaving their mark. This software comes with an AES 256-bit encryption feature. The software also ensures independent security audits regularly. TunnelBear VPN is made compatible to work on Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, and macOS.

No third person can snoop in your browsing area because of the tunnelbear plans. The setup even restricts interference of employers, government agencies, ISPs, etc. The no-log feature of TunnelBear VPN makes it the award-winning VPN, and popular in its field. The user doesn’t need to login to any sort of website for surfing. There are application systems that detect the use of VPN software. Once identified, access to the site is blocked. TunnelBear VPN equips the user with the Anti-VPN feature to avoid detection. Moreover, there are three different pricing plans- little, giant, and grizzly, where you can choose the appropriate plan depending upon the scale of business. Same features also available in Pure VPN and Surfshark. Compare them and select the best one as per your requirement. 

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