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Temples Pride Microfiber Mop

Temples Pride Microfiber Mop

Temples Pride Microfiber Mop for Stone Floors & Hardwood Tile Laminate

Temples Pride Microfiber Mop Features

  • Professional Microfiber mop for hard tiles and stone floors
  • Easy to put-on, take off pads with hook and loop strips
  • Quick to adjust handle reduces strain
  • Removes pet hair and accumulated allergens on floor
  • Environmentally friendly and lasts for longer duration

Temples Pride - Microfiber Hard Floor Cleaner Mops For Stone Floors

Temples Pride has taken hard floor cleaning to the next level with their exceptional hard floor cleaner mop that undoubtedly makes it among the best hard floor cleaner mops. It makes for this professional microfiber mop that has been uniquely made to work wonders for hard tiles and also soft floors. This enables extremely easy handling with easy to put on and take off pads with that of hooks and loop strips to put it precisely. Comes with a well gripped handle that is easy to adjust and this helps reduce strain. Using this hard floor cleaner mop effectively helps remove pet hairs and other accumulated allergens on the floor including dirt, dust and other impurities which helps you maintain hygienically clean floors that are sparkling to say the least. This product claims to be environment friendly which enables it to last for a longer duration.

The Temples Pride hard floor cleaner mop makes for the ideal housewarming gift that works much better than a disposable mop wipe system. This cleaner mop is easier to use and clean, attach, change the pads and is extremely easy to get under the furniture. There are other options that you can find online under the category of hard floor cleaner mops. The Bona Stone hard floor cleaner mop has been made for fast and efficient cleaning; this hard floor cleaner mop has an extra-large mop that ensures the best of results in this respect. There is the Venetio hard floor cleaner mop is this premium spray mop that easily absorbs the dust and dirt particles. The product dimensions for the Temples Pride hard floor cleaner mop are 17 x 4 x 62 inches and it weighs around 2.12 pounds. This exclusive product has made mopping easier like never before.

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