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Synchrony - Secure Credit Cards | Synchrony Home Credit Retailers

Synchrony Features

  • Offers retail banking and investing services
  • Easy account management and fund transfer options
  • Features specialized offers for home purchases
  • Flexible financing and health benefits

Synchrony - Offers Secure Credit Cards With Discounts, Rewards, Cash Backs

Synchrony is the subsidiary of the leading financial service company Synchrony Financial. It provides access to high-yield traditional and IRA CD's. Saving, money markets, and several credit cards also offered, including some available on amazon and LensCrafters, are issued by Synchrony Bank. Its credit cards are tailored to particular customers. They provide exceptional cashbacks on credit cards and store brands, gas stations, and many more. And most of them are offered with no annual fee and excellent reward points, and this would be the right choice if you'd like to earn and redeem on particular brands.

This platform offers the rewards points targeting each brand with cashback, fuel credits, and merchandise options like Capital Bank and Green Dot  and may limit the number of rewards earned, and some of the reward points expire after one year. It operates online saving accounts, and outside of it also includes the IRA accounts and branded credit cards to a broader range of retail stores and individuals.

Some of the Synchrony credit cards are considered as closed-loop credit cards, which means that they can be used only for the specific retailers and these cards carry higher APR's than other cards, No matter which type of card you opt for, all of this Synchrony credit cards offer exceptional cashback rewards and points to customers. Although, it is essential to pick the right credit card that matches your spending habits.

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