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SPT Models Dishwasher

SPT Models Dishwasher

SPT SD-9254SS Stainless Steel Dishwasher With Heated Drying System

SPT Models Dishwasher Features

  • 2.54 gallons of water consumption
  • Racks handle all kinds of tableware like pots, plates
  • In-built heater for drying cycle
  • Convenience and time-saving dishwasher

SPT Dishwasher - Ultimate Cleaning and Drying Technology

In the mornings, you rush to offices after making a mess of your kitchen with a sink full of dishes of last night or of that morning when you make breakfast. Once you return home from the office, you see all the unwashed dishes, which looks like a nightmare come true. To avoid that sight, you could always buy the best-quality dishwasher from SPT, which does the job for you within no time. The model SD-9254SS is a self-cleaning filtration washer, which filters out dirty water immediately after every cycle so that the interior remains fresh for the next wash.

This machine from SPT is an energy star 18-inch dishwasher with upper and lower drawer sliding tines with variable positions to facilitate the easy placing of dishes. The inner portion includes a detachable silverware basket with cover and small item holders to add extra compartmental space to wash more dishes. The cycle options are normal cycle, delay wash, heavy-duty wash, quick wash, glassware cycle, and six automatic cycles. This stainless steel dishwasher from SPT has an built-in heater with three different drying options to dry off the cookware immediately, keeping them ready for another bout of cooking within minutes.

This product comes with a drain and fills hose to let in and flush out water for every use. It has a frameless styling and a LED display that displays dishwasher cycle status to the users. The performance and the features of this SPT SD-9254SS washer are highly rated. The appropriate replacements for this machine are the Zline 18-inch dishwasher and the Frigidaire dishwasher.

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