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Sock It To Me Mask

Sock It To Me Mask

Sock It To Me Classic Black Full Face Mask For Adults & Children

Sock It To Me Mask Features

  • Natural materials provide substantial protection
  • Smooth and comfy masks perfectly suit for children
  • Dual layered knit masks with anti-microbial properties

Sockittome - Sockittome Face Mask For Your Family

To get the best of the protection you need to have the best of the product. The same goes for the face mask. With Sockittome you get the best of the designer face mask making practices with the bold designs which will attract attention. In addition to this, the company provides special masks for children that have cartoon characters printed on the front. Not only do these masks look good when you wear them but they provide you with the total protection from the virus and the bacteria which could spread from the air droplets.

In addition to this, when you are wearing these masks you don’t need to worry about itching and the irritation that could cause you to remove your face mask when you are out in public. The material used in making is cotton and thus, it is comfortable to wear for long hours. Moreover, when it comes to cleaning these designer masks you just need to wash it like normal clothing. Put it in the washing machine and the face mask will be clean and ready to be worn again. You buy these masks in bulk from their official website. If the masks are not there on the website you can go for the best banana republic mask or old navy face mask. These two brands have the same quality and the price range is also the same. You can order them online and pay from your credit and debit card.

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