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Rubbermaid Clean Seat Spray

Rubbermaid Clean Seat Spray

Rubbermaid Commercial Toilet Cleaner Spray | Washroom Essentials

Rubbermaid Clean Seat Spray Features

  • Removes dirt and bacteria from toilet seats
  • Quick drying and alcohol based formula for washrooms
  • High capacity refills minimizes packaging waste
  • Maintains high standard seat and handle hygiene
  • Simple and easy to use toilet cleaner system

Rubbermaid - A Spray That Cleans Your Toilet

Rubbermaid is the best cleaning spray deep cleans bathroom surfaces with unbeatable shine every time.  The liquid provides a powerful deep cleaning action that works instantly to lift away the toughest bathroom dirt, limescale deposits and scum. Its targeted action effectively disinfects your bathroom, killing up to 99.9 percent germs and leaving your faucets, walls and other surfaces visibly clean.

It is as effective as Poo pourri disinfectant that kills maximum germs. With its unique fragrance, it is a dose of freshness for your bathroom every time you clean it. This product can be used as an effective basin cleaner and also a tile cleaner for a fresh, shiny bathroom. RubberMaid Cleaning Spray is easy to use. It is suitable to be used on Tiles, Taps, Tubs & Shower panels, Ceramic surfaces, Stainless steel and Granite Surfaces. Rubbermaid Cleaning spray is the perfect solution for removing tough stains and dirt all-around your bathroom. It cleans and disinfects like Flushie cleaner. Its new powerful formula effortlessly removes hard water stains, accumulated dirt and other tough stains. The product is effective. It reacts with all dirt and removes it effortlessly. Powerful disinfectant toilet cleaner which cleans 99.9% germs. Keeps your bathroom free from foul odour. It can be used on both Indian and Western toilets. It also kills various illness-causing germs.  Disinfectant Toilet cleaner removes unpleasant toilet odour, leaving your toilet fresh. We are all about living the clean. Rubber Maid gives you a wide range of effortlessly effective premium household cleaning essentials all with the same purpose.

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