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Pioneer WYS012A-19 AC

Pioneer WYS012A-19 AC

Pioneer WYS012A-19 Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with DC Inverter

Pioneer WYS012A-19 AC Features

  • Auto-restart function
  • Perfect for home and commercial use
  • Beautiful and ultra silent design
  • Highly-efficient mini inverter and heat system
  • 12000 BTU heating and cooling functionality
  • Five years compressor coverage warranty service
  • Quick and hassle-free installation with copper pipe kit

Pioneer Advanced Mini Split AC For Commercial Use

Are you looking to permanently install AC in your favorite place? And want a super silent air conditioner for giving extra care to your kids? If yes, go with the Pioneer air conditioner is a perfect indoor appliance with programmable modules and remotely accessible techniques with 62 to 90 F range frequency temperature for better cooling settings. ETL approved and safety tested feature AC has been manufactured with 9000 to 36000 BTU functionality for superior air performance to residential and commercial places. Refer to the complete description to get a highly efficient product with a level of satisfaction. All in one split air conditioner often integrated with a heat pump, cycle ventilation system, and dehumidification functions supply a better chilling environment for every user. Nowadays, various brands of senville, air-con air conditioners are available in the showrooms and digital shops by which the new buyer or client gets confused while purchasing the commodity. Nevertheless, this guide is especially for them to check out the mentioned consequences and functions that are followed in the description.

Comes with attached accessories, the indoor ductless suction, LCD wireless remote control, heat pump, and another installation kit enables you to accommodate AC smoothly based on your desired place. This brand's main advantage has a low noise operation system, and washable air filtration made the mechanism clean and extendable usage. If you still have doubt on it, then glance out the bit expensive AC with the same level of feature copper and hunter split AC for better satisfaction. Grab the Pioneer brand and share the blissful night's dream worldwide!

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