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Philo - Premium Live TV Streaming Services | Philo Channels List

Philo Features

  • 50+ live channels shows
  • Access to unlimited DVR
  • Catch your favourite programs

Philo Streaming Services 

Philo is a much portable and mobile-friendly streaming service. You can watch the entertainment shows wherever and whenever you want on your mobile device as long as you have an internet connection. With the Philo streaming service's help, you're accessed to view the content from anywhere in the country without any if you thought, why do you want to buy the Philo? Because this streaming service comes with a low-cost subscription and this platform is much compatible to watch the shows on the go. 

Coming to streaming quality, Philo never compromised in streaming quality, and you would be impressed with its services and quality as HBO Streaming and Hulu subscriptions with live TV and on-demand content it snaps into 1080P HD quality to remain smooth and sharp visuals throughout the viewing experience. This platform significantly improved to be compatible with various Android and iOS devices. It also enables us to watch shows on the desktop using the in-browser app and Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Philo subscribers can try before they purchase subscriptions for those who sign up using their mobile number, and free trial lasts for seven days. It also provides the ability to cancel the payment at any time with its affordable monthly $20. You get access to more than 59 channels and appealing features, and users will be able to stream upto three services simultaneously. It also provides just like Dish entertainment services which will ease the pressure of what to record. 

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