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Ofx Money Transfer Services

Ofx Money Transfer Services

OFX International Money Transfer Services For Small Business

Ofx Money Transfer Services Features

  • $0 OFX fees on FX transfers
  • 24/7 customer and dealing support
  • OFX has sent 55 currencies sent to 197 countries (& counting)
  • Fully regulated by FinCEN (USA), FCA (UK), FINTRAC (Canada), ASIC (Australia)

Ofx - Online Money Transfer Made Easy

OFX is a renowned name in the field of money transfer services for business. The international business money transfer site is equipped with all the information that is required for the services. The transfer currency is done with accuracy as they offer the cheapest and the best currency exchange rates. OFX currency exchange can be sent to several countries across the globe. The users can rely upon the transactions of the company as the foreign exchange transfer is executed with complete transparency. The currency transfer services are done as per the requirement of the users. The best online currency exchange is based out of Australia and the company is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Hence the reliability quotient of transfer money online is huge. The users can expect that money to reach the recipient in other countries within 1-3 business working days. The money transfer website strives to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and OFX virtual accounts reflect the satisfaction of the clients. The users are highly content and satisfied with the services offered by the site.

OFX affiliate program allows the users to place the ads on the website and get noticed by the users. OFX etrade is reliable and offers satisfaction to the users. OFX money transfer services can be availed once the users are registered with the site. OFX receives money when the sender places the order with currency. OFX transfer service is reliable and the users are assured of timely delivery of their currency on their doorstep. The OFX money transfer rates are most competitive in the market and this has facilitated OFX customer service to another level. Similarly Exchange Currency and World Remit are two other platforms that provide international money transfer services.

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