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Mop & Glo Multi Surface Cleaner

Mop & Glo Multi Surface Cleaner

Mop & Glo Multi Surface Floor Cleaner for Wood, Vinyl & Tile Floors

Mop & Glo Multi Surface Cleaner Features

  • Multi-surface floor cleaner with the citrus scent
  • Shine lock formula for long-lasting shine
  • Perfect for marble, vinyl, tiles and ceramic floors
  • Removes dirt and grease with just one step

Mop & Glo - Multi Surface Floor Cleaner Which Protects Hard Surfaces

When you are tired of a long day at work, the last you want to do is go home only to sigh at your muddied floors that are desperately in need of cleaning. To avoid that, try using Mop & Glo's top hardwood floor cleaners to clean and scrub your floors crystal clear. This brings peace to your mind and helps you to relax with its fresh and soothing citrus scent.

Mop & Glo multi-surface floor cleaner is one of the best brands in health and hygiene products. It makes cleaning of hardwood floors and bathroom tiles easier, giving an ever-lasting shine and protects with a lock formula. Your floor dries off instantly without any left-out remnants of soap. It effectively removes and washes out grime and thick stains of oils, paints, and grease with just one swipe. It works perfectly on vinyl, marble, ceramic and tiled floors. This cleaner helps protect the wooden floors from scratches and cracks that form due to your pet claws. You don't need to follow any high maintenance procedures to make sure your floor remains scratch-free.

It is quite understandable to search for affordable brands in products that are high in demand. Notably, in buying essential products like soaps and cleaner sprays that we use often, we try to spend less money. In this case, you can consider buying Mop & Glo products over Method Lights Floor Cleaner and Bona floor cleaners because it is more feasible to use and affordable for bulk buying.

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