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Milestone Features

  • Designed with lost and theft protection
  • Advanced chip protection technology
  • Secures online purchases and payments
  • Convenient mobile operating feature

MileStone Gold Card - Designed For Consumers With Bad-to-poor Credit

Gold cards are basically luxury credit cards that can be used for big-time investments and costly purchases. There are not many card companies available to offer an excellent gold card without many restrictions or credit limits, and MileStone is one of them. Although it may not be the best reward credit card available, it has an advantage over no security deposit to open an account. No money or assets need to be put in the bank for the approval of this card.

Milestone Mastercard cards have fewer pros than expected for a gold card. But there are some features that are very beneficial for first-time users or employees who live on paychecks every month because it does not require any savings or any past history of credit. All we all know, the interest rates always fluctuate from low to high anytime, depending on the prime rate. But, in these cards, the interest rates and the APRs remain the same even if there is a change in the prime interest rate.

There are other better credit options that can replace Milestone Gold Card with way more perks and benefits, and they are Capital One Secured Mastercard and Discover Premium Credit Card. Unlike Milestone cards, they take no annual fee, let alone expensive. They also offer attractive cashback offers which can be earned at local gas stations, grocery shops, department stores, etc.

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