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Kitma Deep Ice Cream Freezer

Kitma Deep Ice Cream Freezer

Kitma Commercial Top Chest Freezer with Adjustable Thermostat, Rollers

Kitma Deep Ice Cream Freezer Features

  • 9.6 Cu.ft durable pre-coated steel cabinet
  • NSF approved interior white pre-coated aluminium
  • Perfect for storing seafood and ice-cream
  • Standard safety door lock system
  • 3-inch insulation foam wall fabrication
  • Convenient defrost drain mechanism
  • Can hold contents safely for two days

Kitma Freezer for Commercial Purpose

Kitma top chest freezer is here to work as the ideal choice of product for all your large storage needs. This is one of the best refrigerator comes in the dimensions of 37.8 x 20.6 x 32.5 inches and has a weight of 106 pounds. Among the different commercial Refrigerators, this kitma freezer comes with two removable baskets that help you to organize the interiors and provide the better merchandise of your frozen foods like that of sandwiches, burgers, patties, ice cream and other smaller items to put it precisely.

The kitma chest freezer has been in a place of polyurethane insulation and environmentally friendly (R404A) refrigeration system that shall enable benefits like, temperature retention along with structural strength. This best Kitma Freezer belongs to the group of wholesale chest freezers that help you to maintain temperatures between -10°F to -1°F for the matter. This commercial chest freezer comes with a hinged lid that offers easy access to the different contents allowing hands-free usage in the endeavour to load or to take out products from the unit. In addition, the lid of the Deep Ice Cream Freezer happens to be insulated for the best temperature retention benefits.

Buying an online refrigerator for this refrigerator comes with a 1-year warranty. This deep freezer can also be used as an Industrial Refrigerator for it comes with a capacity of 9.6 cubic feet. Don’t forget to select this compact Refrigerator that comes in a pristine white shade and provides for a plethora of freezing benefits. Kelvinator Freezer and Maxx cold Freezer are the two best commercial freezers that are available in the market at affordable rate.

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