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Karaforna Smartwatch For Kids

Karaforna Smartwatch For Kids

Karaforna Smartwatch with GPS Tracker for Kids | Waterproof, Camera Watch

Karaforna Smartwatch For Kids Features

  • Perfect parental control via “seTracker”
  • Compatible with both IOS and Android systems
  • Communication via call, group and voice chat
  • GPS track exercise, distance activities

Karaforna Smartwatch With GPS Tracker

The Karaforna Smartwatch is quite a useful Smartwatch and performs multiple functions for all kids. It comes with advanced Technology and has many features such as GPS + LBS Location, Phone Book, Voice Chat, Footprint, Alarm Clock, Safe Area, Emergency Alarm, Low power alarm, remote shutdown, lighting, math game, camera, photo album, and self-dialing.

This kids smartwatch is designed to provide utmost safety to the kids, and the parents can easily control and set the watch specifications according to their preference. Parents can easily manage the settings through the ‘Set Tracker’ app, and this watch is made to provide the utmost safety. Parents can easily set up to 10 contacts on this watch, and in case of any emergency, the kids can call their parents. Additionally, it comes with the support voice chat function, and the voice chat time is available for 15 seconds. Parents can easily chat and talk to their kids through this smartwatch, and they don’t have to worry about them anymore. Karaforna is similar to JS baby and VTech. You can easily set the voice monitor number in the app, and the watch automatically answers any critical calls. When you open the ‘do not disturb’ option in the app, you can easily set up a time for the child without any interruptions to perform any desired activity. The features are not available when the kids are in class, enabling regular discipline and order at the school. In addition to this, the timepiece can work efficiently with or without the SIM.

Through this smartwatch, you get the option of GPS track exercise and other distance activities. You also get the option of efficiently communicating through call, group, and voice chat, and this watch is easily compatible with all Android and iOS systems. You also get to see the perfect parental control via the Set Tracker. This smartwatch is the perfect tool and gadget for your kids. The Karaforna Smartwatch is an excellent tool for keeping your child safe and protected at all times. Therefore, grab yours today and enjoy the benefits.

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