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Karafona Kids Game Smart Watch Phone

Karafona Kids Game Smart Watch Phone

Best Karafona Smartwatch For Kids With Camera, GPS, Music Player

Karafona Kids Game Smart Watch Phone Features

  • Best smartwatches for gaming
  • Automatically SOS call feature for your kids
  • Alarm clock, calculator and call recorder feature
  • Adjustable strap for any wrist size

Karafona - Special Kids Smartwatches For Gaming 

Everyone is watching smartwatches nowadays, and why should kids step back from it? Karafona offers one of the best tech gadgets and provide the best smartwatches for gaming purposes. Karafona Kids Game Smart Watch is a kid’s smartwatch that provides the main functionality of being a music player, seven games, two-way call, three alarm clocks, a calculator, a camera, a photo album, and call recorders. To make a call from this watch, you need a 2G micro SIM card. The different games available on it are 2048, Basketball Shoot Master, Bee War, Pinball hit, Bricks, Car Grab Goods, Eat Gold, and Ultimate Racing. This kids’ smartwatch is quite useful in case of any emergencies as well. You can conveniently press the SOS key when you need to call any family members for help. It is an excellent gadget for kids in any problematic situation, similar to JS baby and Vtech. In case you don’t want to use this timepiece with a sim card, you can still use it as a regular smartwatch. All the functions, in that case, will be generally used except the call function. Additionally, kids can store up to 10 contacts on this phone, and it also comes with seven built-in exciting games. Karafona comes with an automatically SOS call feature, especially for your kids, similar to the JS baby. It comes with an adjustable strap with any wrist size and is super convenient to use. This kid’s timepiece is user-friendly, and the navigation takes place quite easily.

Downloading music directly from the computer is also relatively easy, and accessible for easily making and receiving calls through their parents. There is also a great warranty and customer service attached to this product, and communicating with the representatives is quite simple. The product is delivered quickly, and no time is wasted in delivering the product to your doorstep. Kids smartwatches are great for all children and help keep them in touch at all times.

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