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Ivacy VPN Private Internet Access VPN Services | Ivacy VPN Free

Ivacy VPN Features

  • Advanced IPsec and IKEV protocols
  • High-speed secure downloading
  • Dedicated Kodi App
  • Advanced IPsec and IKEV protocols
  • High-speed secure downloading
  • Dedicated Kodi App
  • Access to worldwide content
  • IKEV2 encryption on IOS devices
  • Network over 1000 server in 100+locations
  • Streaming, browsing, and downloading
  • In-built ISP defeat throttling techniques
  • Prevent unauthorized operation for extra security
  • DDoS infrastructure protection featured server
  • Support five multiple logins device at one time
  • Real-time threat detection technology
  • Safeguard from hackers and malicious websites
  • Support upto 256-bit of security technology
  • Stream online channels on Netflix, Amazon Prime
  • Ideal VPN server for entertainment purpose
  • Safeguard digital device from unauthorized changes
  • Operate global content at any time, anywhere
  • High-class 256-bit encryption server service
  • No-log policy functionality VPN server
  • Cost-effective VPN solution for multiple devices
  • IP address masking for preventing ISP throttling
  • Overcomes geo-restrictions to browse limitless web
  • High performance VPN with IPv6 leak protection
  • Advanced P2P optimized servers
  • No logging functionality of address and locations
  • Solid customer support with well-designed applications

Product Review - Ivacy VPN

Nowadays, the internet has become a vulnerable place due to the presence of hackers, data harvesters, and several malicious websites. They always look for the opportunity when the users make mistakes, and they can easily access the user's information. To get rid of this fear, one can use the Ivacy VPN as it is one of the best VPN services. Users can surf the internet with a relaxed peace of mind by this VPN.

The Ivacy VPN provides its users with several amazing features. One of the prominent features is safe surfing. The 256-bit encryption of the ivacy VPN makes penetration into its servers next to impossible. Moreover, the no-log policy of the ivacy VPN for Hotstar also provides its users with the no-log policy feature. They do not have the element of selling the user data to third parties.

Furthermore, the Ivacy VPN Netflix streaming option enables the users to stream their favorite shows on Netflix without buffering or lag. Apart from Netflix, users can also stream other streaming sites also. The ivacy VPN Torrent enables torrents on their dedicated P2P servers. There are no bandwidth restrictions one can stream and use torrent as per their requirement.

In a nutshell, Ivacy VPN is a powerful VPN for the people who want to stream Netflix and use torrent. It also provides its users with safe net browsing with their 256-bit encryption. Moreover, they do not sell the user's data to the third party; therefore, one can prefer using ivacy VPN. Compare the features of this VPN with another trending KeepsolidVPN and Vyprvpn to choose the best one. 

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