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Inofia Queen Mattress

Inofia Queen Mattress

Inofia Hybrid Innerspring Double Mattress,12 Inch Queen Mattress

Inofia Queen Mattress Features

  • Compatible for all base and bed frame
  • Body contouring foam mattress
  • Hybrid mattress lower leg and feet pain

Inofia Innerspring Foam Mattress With A Cool Layer

There is no way a person can take a nap peacefully on an inconvenient bed. This is the reason why the mattress industry is showing interest in applying new techniques into manufacturing beds that are suitable for all sleepers from kids to the elder people. Inofia is a pioneer in producing the top quality innerspring mattresses that are compatible with all kinds of bed frames and bases. The foam present inside maintains a balance between softness and firmness that elongates the bed's shelf life and durability to withstand heavyweights.

It is a breathable pillow top mattress with a cool layer on top and airflow ventilation throughout its bed to release moisture and promote heat dissipation. This technology enables people to sleep in comfortable temperature conditions in any weather, be it hot or cold. The core of this bed is equipped with seven zoned individually encased coils that provide solace to pained joints and pressure points from head to toe. It has multiple advantages on top of all the attractive features like less noise and motion isolation.

This mattress, when compared with the beds from Suiforlun and Jacia House, is easy to maintain with a 10-year warranty to any damage. This model also has a special layer infused with fire-resistant materials to prevent any accidents. It is often compatible to fit on any type of bed frame, wooden foundation or floors, and flat surfaces.

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