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Guru Freelance Platform

Guru Freelance Platform

Guru - Largest Platform To Find And Hire Freelancers Online

Guru Freelance Platform Features

  • WorkRoom for managing multiple freelancers works
  • SEO, 3D design and WordPress skilled freelancers
  • Browse by locations and skills
  • Risk-free automated payment modes
  • Hire the best freelance professionals for the job
  • Easy to get work done on guru
  • User-friendly platform for employers and freelancers
  • Status alerts help you get notified

Guru - Advanced Tools To Find And Hire Talented Freelancers

The most intuitive Guru platform provides the various tools to find and hire skilled freelancers all over the world and offers them the opportunities to market the sought after skills to a global audience with minimal costs. Guru is the platform where individual professionals communicate with employers all over the world to get the best freelancers for graphic designs and with their fields of expertise. It hosts individuals and groups who offer services in various categories and enables them to select the freelancers with the right skill set to match their requirements.

Additionally, the platform offers an easy-to-use service. Businesses can search for freelancers or list the jobs and receive the proposals straight from the homepage and provide comprehensive business solutions to check marketing freelancer’s work. Through its intuitive dashboards, which enables the management of the aspects of the projects from the dashboards and enables viewing and tracking the guru time and process to streamline the workflows and manage the projects within easy reach.

Similar to the competitors Angellist and Iwriter, the Guru enterprise platform offers a tailored solution for businesses and organizations looking to hire freelancers and allow them to choose the flat fee structure or decide to split the fee with the freelancers. It also provides superior online support along with the enhanced security features, including dedicated compliance and advanced account monitoring.

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