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GOOVIS Cinego G2 Red VR Headset

GOOVIS Cinego G2 Red VR Headset

GOOVIS Cinego G2 Cinema VR Headset Compatible With Smartphone, PC

GOOVIS Cinego G2 Red VR Headset Features

  • Protect your eyes from UV ray and radiant
  • 4k high-resolution sony OLED microdisplay
  • Advanced technology for high-quality movies and gaming
  • Compatible with Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime videos

Goovis Cinego G2 - Best Goggles For Cinematic View

The Goovis pro vr headset is the 2KX2 headset that can supplant any home theatre, TV, or smartphone for video viewing with a simple set up, manageable to use, and effortlessly compact integrated headset. Buy Goovis VR Headset For Watching Movies with full HD audio and video.

You can stream YouTube, Netflix, and any movies you've saved to its interior memory or connect any gaming network and immerse yourself in everything from your PS4 to your Nintendo Switch and receive an IMAX Cinema Experience.

Some of the features goovis G2 VR Glass are;

The goovis cinema headset holder with two 0.7-inch, one-eye resolution 1080P, amazing screen 3147ppi which is 7 times of iPhone X.

Optical design advanced technology: with Goovis Cinego Ultra-high-definition Sony AMOLED eye screen and 6-axis sensor, and unique optical imaging technology, allow users to exposure to the real scene, 360 panoramic views, with 0.01 ms speed Response, there is no delay, no tail with GOOVIS g2 3D VR glasses, users do not have to worry about dizziness problems.

Wide range of applications: cinego can be used to watch movies, play games, and make video calls with friends through Bluetooth, cinego can connect with DJI P4 Pro plus by HDMI interface then you can feel the world through the glasses as free as a bird, by WIFI connection, it can connect to the set-top box, PS4, Xbox, PC, goovis control box, smartphones, mobile hard drives, U disk / TF card, you can use this personal cinema enjoy Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, etc with the Goovis G2 Cinego.

Support diopter adjustment: Support hyperopia with the 3D theatre goggles 300 ° ~ myopia 800 ° diopter adjustment, each file diopter is 33 °, with high-precision precision matching you can enjoy the screen without glasses with the Goovis pro vr headset.

In case of warranty: The goovis virtual reality provides lifetime excellent service, the review of the product proved our efforts. You can now buy the goovis vr headset just lookup for vr headset best buySame feature also available in LG 360 VR Headset and Oculus Quest VR Headset. Compare them and select the best one as per your requirement.

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