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FuboTV App - Online Streaming Services For Live Sports, Series & Movie

Fubo TV Features

  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Compatible with all android and IOS devices
  • on -demand Tv shows and movies

Fubo TV Streaming Services 

Enjoy watching your all-time favorite shows and movies in high definition in Fubo TV. Fubo TV is a renowned streaming platform that offers you unlimited streaming services of sports and other entertainment channels. It gives the pleasure of access to Disney- related channels like ESPN and ABC for watching live sporting events and news. It also enables users to pay for add-ons like Disney + and Netflix to subscribe to the whole package. 

With two concurrent streams per account, Fubo TV allows two people to use the services simultaneously on different devices. It is compatible with all devices like smartphones, laptops, and Smart TVs. It supports streaming on both android and iOS phones. Also, it supports video quality of movies and TV shows upto 1080p and sometimes 4K. It depends on the channels or the programs the users watch. There are two plans based on how many people are streaming; if it is for a bachelor, then the standard plan is the perfect option. If it is the case of a family and requires more channels, it is advised to prefer a family plan with more channels and streaming options.  

Both the plans show variations in their features like cloud DVD storage, concurrent streams, etc. the cloud DVD storage in the standard plan only allows 30 hours of recording while in the family plan, users can record upto 500 hours worth of content. The only backdrop could be its pricing. Fubo TV is more expensive than other sports streaming platforms like ESPN+ and Youtube TV. If one could ignore that it is pricey, they would have access to multiple channels, movies, and TV shows worldwide. 

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