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Dr Bronners Unscented Bar Soap

Dr Bronners Unscented Bar Soap

Dr Bronners Pure-Castile Bar Soap | Organic Soap for Face & Body

Dr Bronners Unscented Bar Soap Features

  • Made with Natural ingredients and organic oils
  • All natural bar soap safe for babies and sensitive skin
  • Packed with recyclable and biodegradable materials
  • Organic hemp oil provides after wash refreshment

Dr Bonners - Pure Castile Bar Soap Made With Organic Oils

The liquid and bar soaps made by Dr Bonners are one of the best-unscented bar soaps for babies. These are made with natural ingredients and organic oils, which make it one of the safest products for use in the market. These soaps are made with organic oils that are gentle and effective. There is no addition of chelating agents, dyes, whiteners or any kind of synthetic fragrances. The only natural, vegan ingredients are used which are gentle, mild and effective. It is an all-natural soap that is safe for babies and sensitive skin. 

The unique thing about Dr Bonner’s Pure Castle Liquid and Bar Soap as compared to Dial Basics Bar soap is that it can be used on the face, body and even your hair. The organic hemp oil used in the products helps in providing a different kind of freshness and refreshment after wash. They also produce a rich lather and leave your skin moisturized. The product is made with plant-based ingredients, which contains no synthetic preservatives, thickeners or foaming agents that are not only good for the environment but are great for your skin as well.

Dr Bonner’s soaps are good for the body as well as the planet. These soaps are fully biodegradable and use all-natural, vegan ingredients that are not at all harmful to the environment. The products and ingredients are never tested on animals and are cruelty-free. Dr Bonner’s Pure Castile Liquid and bar soaps are very safe for babies to use as compared to the Dial Basics Bar Soaps and Natural Essentials Liquid and Bar soaps. Moreover, Dr Bonner’s products are packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled wrappers and are biodegradable at the same time, which helps in preventing landfill build-up, which in turn has a positive impact on the environment.

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