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Dosleeps Super Comfortable Double Mattress With Memory Foam

DOSLEEPS Mattress Features

  • Innovative 3-D breathable quilting pad
  • Well-wrapped stainless steel coils for extra body support
  • 9-zoned support springs for lower-back pain
  • Made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials

Dosleeps Mattress - Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress

Dosleeps double mattress is built with the hand-tufted for maximum strength and comfort. It has an innovative nine-zone support system that features the unique individual spring coil pockets designed from the tempered stainless steel wires, the coils are wrapped and compressed in the fabric pocket by reducing the spring coil collision noise, and this latest design alleviates the bad back, pressure points and back pains.

As this mattress is integrated with 3D quilting thick layer pads with the double side mesh pad, it is the perfect mattress for stomach sleepers and it improves the sweaty bodies' air circulation. Tencel lyocell smooth fiber surface absorbs the moisture efficiently and supports the body's natural thermal regulating mechanism keeping the skin pleasantly cool and dry throughout the day and night. Apart from heavy-duty spring coil pockets, its memory foam top offers additional comfort to the body by alleviating up to eight percent of the spine, neck, and hip pressures.

This mattress is designed with air-permeable and breathable polyester cover fabric. It is perfect for couples as it combines with spring coils and foam, which transfers and minimizes the motions. The company also claims that mattress offers the exceptional orthopedic benefits with its high-quality individual pocket springs combined with the thick layers of memory foam cushioning and combination of these materials, the mattress intelligently adjusts to the sleeper body position by enabling the hip and shoulders to sink comfortably into the bed like Mattress America and Linenspa, while providing great ample support for both neck and head.

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