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CoinGate Payment Gateway

CoinGate Payment Gateway

CoinGate Payment Gateway With Bitcoin Converter | CoinGate Rates

CoinGate Payment Gateway Features

  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading features
  • Fast and secured crypto payment gateway
  • Instant cryptocurrency conversion tool
  • Top-notch security support for payments
  • Instant conversions to EUR to USD
  • Ecommerce plugins with payment buttons

CoinGate - Payment Gateway for Digital Money

The modern world runs on digital money that can be sent or received by means of online payments via various highly-rated payment gateway providers. The right payment platform with all the necessary features for traders and merchants is not easy to find, as there are only a few of them. Coingate is one of those few best options. With Coingate, merchants can prevent the risks of exchanging the cryptocurrencies manually. It instantly directs the transactions to their personal account.

Although the payments are charged with a transaction fee that gets cut from the payment itself, the transaction is not reverted or expired like in many other payment gateways. Instead, it is accepted by the merchant on the other side, with the exception of prolonging the expiry date. It can accept over 50+ altcoins to facilitate different types of businesses. The currencies of various countries are effectively exchanged with reasonable exchange rates. The platform is reliable enough to send the payments without any hassle or issues in their servers. It also offers high-level security and protection with two-step verification using Google Authenticator.  

There are various ecommerce plugins with payment buttons that allow safe payments, which are kept on track by the users on the dashboard provided by this platform on mobile apps and websites. Like Atomtech and Bitpay, Coingate also helps businesses in boosting up their trading activities by providing widgets and tools for their online shopping carts on their Woocommerce websites.

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