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Cocoarm Dishwasher

Cocoarm Dishwasher

Cocoarm Mini Countertop Freestanding Dishwasher For Small Kitchens

Cocoarm Dishwasher Features

  • Single-button control system
  • Easy to load dish basket and cutlery rack
  • Comfortably placed on countertops and tabletops

Cocoarm Mini Dishwasher - Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Interior

Why invest hours of manual labor on washing a pile of dishes while you can just put them in a high-quality dishwasher? Cocoarm is one of the popular which offers a wide variety of washers with an impressive array of features and benefits. This model, in particular, is a compact built appliance that can be placed on countertops for easy accessibility. The internal space is exceptional in this washer despite its small size with necessary shelves and baskets to put the dishes.

A long list of stunning features like UV usage, medium to high temperature drying, and rotary water spray is present in this portable dishwasher. It may be compact in size, but the build is strong and scratch-resistant, protecting the things inside if it ever falls. This affordable dishwasher consumes about 12L of water per one wash cycle to scrub off grime, oil stains on the cookware people use every day. The durian is present on the back to the bottom left, where a detachable water hose can be fixed.

It has highly functional features like EdgeStar and Sunpentown washers, which are best-suited for use at restaurants and cafes where people are in constant need of clean dishes every once in a while. The fully automatic operation of this machine goes on for 45 minutes at maximum and sends alerts to the users with a light indicator after the task is complete.

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