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Bank Of America Reward Credit Cards with Unlimited Points, Security

Bank Of America Features

  • Credit card with flexible client assistance
  • Secured digital wallet technology
  • Account notifications and payment alerts
  • Chip enabled terminals for easy use

Bank Of America - Provides Highly Secure Cash Rewards Credit Cards

If you want to secure a credit card to build your credit history to improve your credit score? Then Opt for this Bank of America credit card. It offers the secured and reliable cards with no annual fee charges as this card provides a 0% yearly fee it doesn't have any reward programs and cashback bonus, However it offers the returning of security deposits to the cardholders when they have a good credit habit and makes their payment on time. With zero annual fee, the bank of America is a useful option for people who are having a bad credit performance or no credit history. If you are already the customer of Bank of America and you may find it convenient to get your secured credit card.

Bank Of America offers high APR on purchases and charges a foreign transaction fee. It requires a larger security deposit than various credit cards. similar to most of the secured credit cards. It also offers several basic features with 0% liability protection that you're not responsible for any unauthorized charges. It also provides the fraud alerts by continuously monitoring your suspicious account activity and sending you alerts for unusual transactions.

Although Bank Of America Credit Card may not be flashy, it offers the various reward strategies of unique choose your bonus pending reward structures and helps in establishing a good credit history for future references.

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