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Applied Bank

Applied Bank Business Credi Cards, APR Secured Visa Credit Cards

Applied Bank Features

  • Pay bills with high secured cards
  • Provides asset protection and personal banking features
  • Easy account servicing options
  • High quality commercial business cards
  • Effectively guards deposit accounts

Applied Bank - Offers Secure Credit Cards To Individuals With Poor Credit History

Benefit yourself with an exclusive credit card from Applied Bank with many of its essential and significant features. These are best-rated credit cards for personal use as well as business purposes. With these cards, one can have access to various payment solutions, but the one that benefits personal usage is most definitely online banking. The users can pay bills without any problem of cyber threats with the secured cards from this provider.

Besides being the best in providing personal use cards, Applied bank also gives permission to increase the credit limit of the cards just by adding more to the security deposit budget. Applied bank provides high security, which guards deposit and saving accounts. Protection is not limited to the money; this bank also protects personal assets and properties. It provides the best insurance policies for your health, house, etc. One can apply for a credit card online from anywhere and anytime.

Like Capital Bank, Applied bank also lures customers with the best deals in cashbacks, bonuses, and lower interest rates. It does not take the past credit history into consideration for giving approval to new customers like Petal credit card providers. It also gives access to your bank accounts with your Visa cards, bill pays, and wire access. Users would not regret creating an account in this bank as it is one of the highest-rated banks in the US.

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