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American Express Online Banking Services | High Yield Savings Account

American Express Features

  • Link upto 3 current bank accounts
  • Secure online banking services
  • Monthly, weekly savings calculator tool
  • 24/7 account accessibility and support services

American Express - Online Bank for Personal Savings

Are you stuck with choosing the right online bank for the bad credit history from many banks available on the internet? Then choose American Express because of its wide range of business-friendly features and benefits, including withdrawals at local ATMs. For people who want to open a personal savings account with no minimum security deposit and no annual fee, this bank is a must-try. Its savings account features and attractive interest rates make it the highest-rated banks among other online banks.

This virtual bank is available 24/7 and can be accessible by foreigners from anywhere internationally. This provides the users with the best plans for CD (Certificate of Deposit) accounts, which have a basic standard with different time durations to facilitate people of all classes and income. The shortest time period is six months and the longest time period is five years. The users are allowed to withdraw interests during the term of CD in this bank without charging any fees. 

American Express is one of the few online banks which allows its account holders to link a maximum of three current bank accounts. Transfers can be done directly to online accounts or can be paid in the form of checks. Like other online banking sites such as Chase and Discover, it provides user-friendly interfaces for mobile apps and desktop sites to make it easy for all the visitors to use.

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