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American Family Safety Mayday Emergency Food Bar | Survival Meal Kit

American Family Safety Features

  • Approved by US Department Of Homeland Security
  • Non-thirst provoking food
  • Simple and secure food supply kit to family

American Family Safety - Safe Emergency Preparedness Products

It is essential to be prepared before any natural disasters or accidents in your region could be wildfires, tornados, and hurricanes. These bars are meant for the emergency, meaning if you have no food available in the market and then you should eat something to sustain yourself in pandemics. Calories are another thing to consider heavily when you are in an emergency to provide enough calories. When you are thinking of humankind's survival, it is essential to have enough calories and proteins in the body to sustain.

This Mayday food bar has an exciting flavor bar that tastes like the apple cinnamon pie. People would love this taste that creates mouth-watering while you have it, and each packet is 1200 calories that can be eaten, and it acts as a small replacement to the meal. And these emergency food bars help to sustain you in any crisis. This would be enough for children to eat in the emergency, and coming to the pricing of food bars is relatively cheaper than the other brand products. Compared to Be Prepared and My Patriot Supply. It also offers sufficient energy and strength for instant relief in emergencies.

All these food rations are baked under strict supervision with the great taste of apple, and that food can be stored outside up to 150 degrees (F). It can be eaten without preparation, and all these food bars are approved by the U.S coast guard and Canadian transport departments.

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