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Air Wick Toilet Perfume

Air Wick Toilet Perfume

Air Wick Toilet Perfume Fruity-Pin-Up | Air Wick V.I.P Pre Poop Spray

Air Wick Toilet Perfume Features

  • Air Wick Toilet spray removes nasty odors in bathroom
  • Essential Toilet sanitizer releases fresh scent
  • Innovative air freshener eliminates bacteria and unpleasant odors
  • Unique freshener spray for restrooms

Air Wick - Say Goodbye To Sticking Smell In Your Toilets

Now the time has come to say goodbye to the embarrassing bathroom odours. Keep nasty smell in the bathroom away with the toilet fresheners. Air wick is the best bathroom freshener. It is backed by few odours including lavender, lemon, and rose. It contains essential oils that release a pleasant fragrance. It creates a layer that traps bad odours in the bowl before they escape. So you will not feel any unpleasant odours when you are in the bathrooms. It keeps your bathroom fresh with its essential oils.

It releases pleasant fragrance as Performacide freshener. You no longer need to hold your breath because of unholy smells when entering the bathroom. The sprays only lasted for about a month. The bathroom had a wonderful smell. It comes in pocket size. So you can carry it anywhere and use as needed.  The powder dissolves within seconds creating a natural fragrance barrier trapping odours. Let your toilets smell good with flushie freshener. Scientifically-tested formula made of essential oils and other natural compounds; no harsh chemicals. The original Before-You-Go toilet spray that stops bathroom odours before they begin. You will not feel any unpleasant odours in bathroom. You can enjoy your personal time in your bathroom without any unpleasant odours. Buying this product is the best decision you can make for your home, offices. Days has been changed and you no longer needed to bear those unpleasant odours and feeling uncomfortable in the bathroom. Use this air wick freshener and say goodbye to the unpleasant odours and say hi to the pleasant smells.

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