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Aeifond Fitness Tracker Watch

Aeifond Fitness Tracker Watch

Aeifond Bluetooth Smartwatch with Camera, SIM/TF Card Slot for Calling

Aeifond Fitness Tracker Watch Features

  • Ergonomic convex design with TPU85 material strap
  • Remote camera capture with 0.3 MP camera and image viewer
  • Play music from Apple iTunes and google play
  • Two working modes of bluetooth and SIM

Aeifond Bluetooth Smartwatch Touch Screen - Black

There is no limit to the man's knowledge and capabilities. One of the greatest inventions in this technology evolving world is a smartwatch. There are many advantages of this simple device that makes many daily tasks easier. Especially with the latest smartwatches from Aeifond, one does not have to worry about missing an important appointment or a business meeting. 

This is a user-friendly device that tracks user activities diligently. It can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and SIM. The notifications, emails, and calls that the phone receives are redirected to this watch. It also receives birthday alerts and messages from social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. This is a high-performance camera smartwatch with a top-quality remote camera. It monitors your daily life activities such as sleeping, heart rate, calorie count, etc. It is a multifunctional device with features like an alarm clock, calculator, calendar, and browsers. It enables users to play music from Apple iTunes and Google Play.

This Aeifond product is a cost-effective smartwatch that has all the essential features that high-end watches like Apple Series 5 Smartwatch and Amazfit GPS watches have. If you are searching for affordable alternatives for these expensive watches, then try the watch from Aeifond.

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