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Satellite Phones - Know Types, Features, And Functions

Satellite phones are an essential category of mobile and accessories. They are a phone that connects to the network via orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites. This technology has been there for ages and is quite useful in different sectors.

A satellite phone is not limited to the area covered by cell towers only and can be used in all geographical locations worldwide. These mobiles and accessories are known as terminals, and they come in a wide variety. This technology is more massive compared to mobile and comes with a large retractable antenna as well. Lately, many satellite phones have come in the size of a regular mobile and can be used on expeditions inside remote areas where terrestrial cellular service is unavailable. Some need a fixed installation that automatically keeps track of the overhead satellites. In contrast, the smaller buildings use VoIP over a two-way satellite broadband service such as BGAN or VSAT.

Internet satellite phones use networks such as Inmarsat Satellite Phone and Sat Phone Store that don't have great networks indoors and hence make external antennas installed inside vehicles and buildings. Also, these systems allow access to repeaters, similar to terrestrial mobile phone systems. Making voice calls from satellite phones varies, but calling to landlines and regular mobile phones is more expensive in comparison. The price for any kind of data transmission is much more. The receiver of the call does not have to bear the cost unless they are called via an exceptional reverse-charge service. Also, some offer a one-way channel to notify users that are in low network areas of receiving the call. Once the user is notified, they must move to an area with better network coverage.

All modern satellite phone networks encrypt voice traffic to avoid any kind of interference or surveillance. Some phones need additional encrypting for high-security applications by the government, especially.