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Recently Sony released its PlayStation 4 console, which is considered the most powerful console in the gaming entertainment market. Sony was trying to create a statement with its new release. Some significant design modifications can be done to its Dual Shock controller, and another overhaul can be seen in its exterior. This update's memory has been expanded more than PS3, and the processor's performance has also increased vastly. So PS4 can deliver astonishing HD graphics, which runs seamlessly. This updated Games emulator helps to run the newest game on PC and mobile also.

With its adequately equipped multiplayer capabilities, exclusive game titles, and streaming access, the PlayStation lovers greet the newest arrival of this most updated version of the game emulator, supporting the latest game version. Featuring a single-chip processor, this newest game emulator comes with an eight-core x86-64 AMD “Jaguar" CPU, which has a 1.84 teraflop GPU. That's why it can support 8GB of GDDR5 RAM as well as 500GB all updated hard drive. This new hardware allows the PS4 game emulator to perform ten times better than its previous version. Its 500 GB hard drive is perfect for users who love to download movies and the newest game from PlayStation.

The PS4 games available in half matte black and half gloss exteriors like Xbox One, which provides a slim smart look and sleek design. The PS4 always supports today's latest game version and does not have the capabilities to play any PS3 titles. The updated Games supported by the PS4 purchased from the PlayStation Store are directly downloaded on the hard drive, so you need to worry about disc loss or damage.

Like Rocket League Ultimate Edition, the game emulator version has seen several physical changes that make it stand out a bit from its previous version. The most notable changes of this updated game emulator pertain to its analog sticks that provide slightly more space by which you can avoid the thumb collision. It has been designed with recessed tops covered with a rubber coating that enhance its gripping capacities. PS4 comes with a powerful external speaker and headphone jack. So you can enjoy your game like Overwatch Origins Edition with a headphone.