Pet Dental Care

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Avoid Dental Diseases and issues for Pets 

Dental care for pets is as important as for humans. Poor cleaning and flossing habits in dogs and cats may lead to serious cases of dental disease like periodontitis. It is a severe condition in which 87% of dogs and 70% of cats under the age of three lose all their teeth due to the infection in the mouth. This infection is caused by the accumulation of fungus and bacteria and forming cavities. The medical and health field has been introducing devices and products that maintain oral hygiene in pets.

Indeed, getting your dogs or cats to submit themselves often for brushing their teeth is not easy. And it is not the only way in the dental care practices that help in keeping their mouth fresh. People can even give them treats that are made of medicinal ingredients and mint. These treats and chewable tablets kill germs and bacteria, which have made their place in their teeth due to the consumption of food, meat, etc. over the years.

Dental treats for pets usually consist of bones and chews made of highly nutritious elements like vitamins and calcium, which help enhance the strength of their teeth and gums. These chews are tasty, and some of them are meat-flavored, which attracts the taste buds of your pets so that they could consume them without any trouble. These treats not only treat the oral cavity, but they also increase their immunity against stomach diseases.

To prevent the plaque and cavity formation in your dog’s teeth and to get teeth as white as snow, the pet owners are recommended to feed them products from Nylabone. There are even chewing toys that provide nourishment to the teeth and gums. While chews and bones are edible, toys can not be eaten. For the people who are confused about using either of them, it is advisable to consult their veterinarian regarding this issue.

Pedigree is also one of the famous pet feeding brands which offer oral care treats that exhibit powerful triple action that involves cleaning teeth, freshening breath, and prevents tartar. One has to keep in mind what their pet would enjoy while buying these products so that they could get habituated to them.