Men's Foil Shavers

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Foil Shavers - Men’s Beauty And Personal Care Items

When it comes to men's grooming, foil shavers offer the most accurate shave due to the micro-foil it includes that helps align the skin without giving the feeling of using absolutely anything. Foil shavers are used as a tool for men's grooming and have straight heads that make the use of oscillating blades, beneath a foil, made to cut hair. The foil included in this refers to a thin layer of metal covering the cutters on the shavers. The foil helps capture the hair and offers a close and precise shave.

Like the Braun Electric Razor and Panasonic Arc5, these men's foil shavers include a different movement pattern than a traditional rotary electric shaver. They are used for getting rid of any discomfort skin irritation post-shaving. To use a men's foil shaver, there are specific steps to be followed. The first step includes the prep, wherein you apply a pre-shave product like a shaving oil to protect the skin from the blade. This allows the head to glide against the face with ease, avoiding any kind of burns that usually occur with shaving. The next step is to move the shaver in slow and small strokes. The movement has to be made in straight lines, and unlike a blade shave, where you go against the direction of hair growth; this helps to give an excellent, perfect result.

It is recommended not to use the foil shaver in a circular motion and gently pull the skin to make it easier for the shaver to glide over. Next, one must make sure to go for post-shave aftercare to improve your skin's quality and prevent it from drying out. For doing this, apply a small amount of balm or moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. The last step is to rinse the foil and place the shaver inside the electric self-cleaning system. This will help prevent the shaver from smelling bad and make it last for a much longer time. Moreover, it’s good to change a men's foil shaver every 12-18 months to get the most efficiency from these products.