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49% of tablet users have a college degree, and 55% earn more than $75000 a year. Computer tablets are similar to a smartphone and come with the same mobile operating system. These Tech Gadgets are made to perform the same functions as laptops and phones, and much more. 

A study by the IDC shows that a computer tablet’s lifespan is about four years, and after this period, you might have to buy a new one. This is much longer than one thought it to be because people change them every year with technology innovation when it comes to smartphones. Another essential feature is that multiple people in the same house often use it. Computer tablets allow people to install various user accounts that can be used by several different people. Some experts claimed tablets to be used as an alternative to office laptops. They turn out to be an excellent device for entertainment purposes like watching the news, reading a book, and browsing through social media. The computer tablets are usually enjoyed in a comfortable, calm setting and come with great high-resolution displays. 

Computer tablets are more massive than smartphones and need to be replaced only after a certain period. They also have a similar feature of waking up instantly and are ready to use if charged up well. Many parents worldwide hand over these tablets to their kids for education and entertainment and give them an idea about technology. Because the screens are more significant than phones, parents are much more comfortable with tech gadgets - one such example is Samsung Tablets

On the whole, tablets are much more affordable and comfortable to carry than laptops. Depending on the usage, buying a tablet can save you a lot of money and offer better portability. Even though laptops and desktops are quite popular, there are many everyday situations where the tablet is the best solution. These devices are fun and easy to use and do not require much knowledge of its usage.