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Camping Cooler Appliance Keeps Your Food And Drinks Fresh

It is a statistical fact that about 40 to 50 million coolers are sold every year. The market size of these appliances is expanding little by little each day. The growth and demand for camping coolers alone will reach the roof with total net revenue of 1060 million USA dollars by the year 2024. This category is intended to give information about the portable coolers with wheels that are ideal for camping and hiking.

If you are wondering why these devices are so popular among other survival items, then you should know that campers who are always interested in adventure and fun get so thirsty that they crave nothing but chilled water or soft drinks due to dehydration. In such cases, these are the only ways to get fresh and cold drinks or food. The main types that are favorable towards outdoor activities are canvas, hard plastic, TPE exterior, medium, and large sized-coolers.

Canvas coolers are suitable for outdoors because, as their name suggests, they are made with canvas cloth, which is hardly affected by any weather like summer or rains. A hard plastic cooler is a good option due to the sturdy built by the BPA-free plastic in the inside and the outside supported by a wheeled base, which makes the transportation easier. The TPE exterior coolers are best-suited for camping because of their ability to retain temperatures for a long time, which prevents the melting of ice inside.

Usually, campers consider buying 8-quart coolers because it is easy to carry and lightweight. But if it is a case of longer camping trips with more members, it is best to find a 40 quart or more with a longer ice retention functionality. For instance, Rubbermaid cooler is a 75-quart cooler with space enough to carry a week’s worth of food and drink supply. The drain outlet is an additional comfort this cooler offers to let the wastewater out. Igloo latitude comes with the exception of a telescoping handle and big wheels. There are many more supreme-quality portable coolers in this category if you want to choose one.