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Various cultures have a different fashion style. If you look at the English culture, you will see that the women wear gowns for any black-tie event, but in the Indian culture, women prefer saris or salwars. Similarly, the choice of clothing also depends on the purpose of dressing up. For example, when you are going to your office, you choose a formal dress like a blouse and a skirt or a suit. But, for a casual outing, you prefer simple jeans or shorts.

With the changing world, everything around us is changing, including the way we live. Our surroundings play a very important role in shaping our lifestyle. For example, when you are moving from your native place to a new city, you adapt to the new culture, be it by changing your food habits or your living preferences. These are the unintentional changes that we are forced to implement in our way of living. Sometimes, we intentionally change our lifestyles by changing certain facts, like the neighbourhood, the office, the practice of dressing up, and so on.

The Arabian culture has always been an enigma for the world. Thanks to the tales of the Arabian Nights, people now have more knowledge about their culture and lifestyle. Since the Arabian tales became so famous and intriguing, various fashion houses introduced several Arabian clothing stores all around the world. The Arabian clothes have a special allure in them, especially the dresses of the females. For example, the caped sleeves of the Arabic style seem to attract many fashion houses as most of the fashion brands worldwide have adopted this new sleeve design. Bell sleeve design in yet another interesting fashion design which you can find in most of the clothes in the Arabian clothing stores.

If you want to scale up your living arrangements by a notch, you should try out the maxis from Rowme as it is one of the most popular brands for Arabic clothing. Another amazing store where you will get lightweight clothes with wonderful prints is the Artizara. It has dressed in both pastel colours and embroidery designs which will make your beauty more pronounced and dominating.