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FNBO Direct

FNBO Direct Bank For Online Savings Account And Mobile Banking

FNBO Direct Features

  • Bank-level security services
  • No processing fee, hidden charges
  • Savings calculator and ATM finder

Fnbo Direct - Online Bank for International Transactions

Banking and international transactions are made easy with Fnbo Direct. Fnbo Direct is one of the online banks with no fees in which the account holders do not have to pay an annual or monthly fee to maintain their accounts. The savings and checking accounts can be opened, operated, and managed anywhere and anytime with no hassle. The registration requires basic details of the customer’s personal identification documents, and the whole process is effortless and does not take much time. 

To check the account status, money balance, and transaction details, one has to access the account on the internet in any device they may feel comfortable operating. This online bank offers accounts and credit cards, which can be linked to payment apps in smartphones to make bill payments easier for shopping at department stores, gas stations, etc. There are some exciting features like schedules and timers which remind people of their installment payment to their loan every month without fail by sending alerts to them. Also, the balance of installments for any purchases online can be paid automatically at a set-up time. 

The account holders receive notifications to their devices when there is an activity or an unauthorized entry to their accounts. This feature ensures to provide security to their money and funds they have been saving. There are few alternative online banks to Fnbo Direct, and they are Axos Bank and Capital One bank, which offer similar benefits.

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