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Etrade - Online Banking Services for Stock Trading Platforms

ETrade Features

  • Free money transfer services
  • Well-suited for small businesses
  • Complete asset protection guarantee
  • Premium, max-rate checking, e*trade checking

E*Trade - Online Banking Services for Stock Trading

Why visit a branch of your bank physically when all you have to do is open the concerned bank account in your phone within seconds? This is called online banking, and E*trade is one of the best online banks with mobile check deposit. There are different options for accounts in this bank, and they are premium savings account, max-rate checking account, and E*trade checking account. All of these accounts have excellent features and help people to deal with their finances wisely. 

Firstly, the premium savings account requires no minimum monthly fee to be opened. It gives an APY about 0.05% like Barclays US bank. The deposit invested on this account is covered by FDIC, which provides insurance up to $1,250,000. The money can be transferred via net banking or digital checks. Next comes the max-rate checking account. This mainly focuses on bill payments and other important transactions with no additional expense. It provides users with a free max-rate checking debit card and a maximum fee refund for ATMs. 

Lastly, the E*trade checking in this bank does not need a minimum opening deposit to create the account. The features are similar to the max-rate checking account, with only a difference in the APY, which in this case is 0%. This is ideal for small businesses like CIBC US agility online bank.

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